Daniel Luis Mercado Photography

My passion for photography focuses on preserving memories of people, events, and neighborhoods. I believe photography should create an emotional response in the viewer: joy, nostalgia, fear, calm, or even confusion. When I take a photo of people it usually starts by wondering “what's on their mind?” This is the empath in me that wants to walk in other people's shoes. When taking photos of other subjects, it’s usually an attraction to color, texture, shape, and the balance of it all that makes me push the button. I want my photos to evoke a deeper meaning than what’s obvious.

My photos are purely intuitive and are a result of being open to my surroundings.
My feelings are in these photos and I hope you enjoy them.

Daniel Mercado is a photographer, raised in New Haven CT, and currently living in New York City. He attended High School in the Community and Curry College. He fell in love with photography while in high school when he attended Southern Connecticut State University’s summer journalism and photography program. He has received the National Conference of Latino Photographers Award in appreciation of his dedication to the empowerment of other Latino artists and various other awards for his service to the community. He has exhibited throughout New York and Connecticut.